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Wang Wei

Brave Conquest

Make your portfolio strong. This means putting more $ in original, safer coins such as BTC and ETH, with much lower percentages in Alt coins such as VET, ADA, DOT, ALGO, and the like. The alt coins carry higher chances of gains, but also much higher risk of losses. You do want to diversify for risk management.

The older you are, the more conservative you may want to be. Many people like the strategy of profiting on their smaller coins and putting the profits back into BTC and ETH. My personal strategy is 70:20:10 with 10% in Alts.

Spend only what you can afford to lose. I know people are sick of hearing this...but I remember stories from 2017 of people taking out 2nd mortgages and selling cars to buy Crypto. Their finances were Rekt very quickly. Right now during this bull market, we all are happy. This can change overnight.

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