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Good morning in my yard,..I went out to see the Tabebuya plant growing big, strong and towering!

The sun was shining sweetly, there were some beautiful yellow flowers blooming.

You know Baby.. how do I feel for you? same as i am facing now.
It grows from the heart, is well cared for and sweet because you illuminate it with all the beauty that happens.

Even though sometimes warpetty fuss, crazy things that make me mad or whatever makes us frozen and stiff! I still hope you keep shining on me.

Look like My Tabebuya.. it's raining, a small storm but he's still strong.. and there's a sun that loves with its rays!

There are no beautiful words other than sincere love, without coercion from the deepest heart sorry you are still ... (kiss/)

I want to be like Tabebuya, strong in any situation and not weak if in the end there is one condition that makes Me sad.

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