Lords Mobile

Recruiting people who do not take themselves too seriously and always leave ego at the door!

(ok/)Chill gaming (ok/)Follow rules (ok/)No stress (ok/)No drama.
Only chat, hunt, and burn who you can!! (salute/)

?Looking for T4 Players or Good comp Solo Traps
?3 level 2 monsters a day?
(Hunt Controlled by bot; no verification needed?)
(only 900 points minimum- stress free)
?4th Time slot or Last Time Slot for dragon Arena

?We have:
?Bank bot: Spam Helps, Find Tiles and Monsters, Auto accept in guild, and rank up
?Hypers for all resource type

?Kingdom: 399?
?Gift Level: 28 ?
?All Languages but mostly English

Message me or other recruiters in game only if interested!

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