M.I.A. for a while


One night my right breast was itchy so I itched it and bam i felt a bump. I went to my doctor about it and she gave me a paper to do a mammogram. I done ultrasound instead since I'm too young for mammogram. They saw a mass of tissues and they told me to do biopsy. I did the biopsy 4 days ago and I got my result today from my doctor. She told me that there is cancer present in the lump so I need to do surgery to remove it and probably do chemo afterwards... I'm going to a breast surgeon specialist next Tuesday to do a consultation on what I should do. Mentally I'm bummed out. Everyone told me before the result that its nothing. I don't even have *** *cries in AA cup*. I have nothing to worry about. I wanted to believe that but my body have been having so much problems for the past 5 months that cancer is possible. I'm nervous. So yeah. I probably will be gone for a while and its okay to unfollow. I gave my LM accounts to my friend to take care of until its all settled. Thanks for reading friends!

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