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Hi everyone!

Do gamers feel happy if they got some new on their turf like for example heroes that we can get only in doing hell event purchasing on the store or even winning on the challenge stages of lord mobile...

Me being free to play player I'd love to have a new hero and I do cherish it... Yes it's not easy to make it like on hell event I took so long to have it wasting of speedups and more to achieve and get it but sometimes it feels bad when near to have and it's the time u lost it...

Eventually, as a F2P we need to wait and have the courage totally to think that soon I can have you as an additional one or plus one. On my collections...

And now I was been there to check and happy to have him without noticing that I owe him yes it's amazing that I've got a hero by doing hell event last time...

It's usually unlocked through successful completing Hell Events and 24hours challenge and it's also unlocked in phase 3...

I'm glad to have a watcher on my list

lemme introduced my new hero

His name was Deeproot or watcher to be called his an infantry type and a strength class heroes a treant species and he's a guy (giggle/) and he did run as a specialty.

and he has said: Deeproot...protects...nature


and for his awareness of the effects of alchemy from the war have polluted the forest and the treants who lived there. Hearing nature's cry, He woke from slumber to fulfill a. single purpose; protect nature from its defilers.

and to show his battle skill he has called forests wind as tactics, training dummy as passive. battle song when deployed and army attack

for heroes skills, deep root has wild unleashed, raw bellow, Fungal Blight and natures Vigor...


@WeGamers Team

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