iNDIA🇮🇳 Martyred Another Mosque 🕋🕌


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Another Muslim's Religious place i.e. Masjid? have included in Destroyed Masjids ( Mosques ) in iNDIA??

Why iNDIAN HINDUS have an Immense Hate for Muslims?
One of the Simplest Answer can be that ISLAM is Totally Contrast of Hinduism. Muslims Worship Only 1 God i.e. ALLAH and Hindus worship 300M+ idols.

But another Solid reason is that Muslims Ruled about 900 Years over iNDIA. That's why EXTREMIST Hindus have Martyred Hundreds of Mosques since independence year 1947, including alot of Historical Mosques. One of the Biggest incident was Destruction of BABRI MASJID in 1992 by a huge crowd of Extremist hindus.

Till when Muslim will continuously face these Religious Attacks from Hindus in india?

Otro lugar religioso musulmán, es decir, Masjid?, se ha incluido en Destroyed Masjids en iNDIA??

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