Highest score with 6 limits


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the arena was so interesting lol even we won it with 200k points let's see what points i score with 8 limits soon in future
Soon i will create a challenge of (2d fest F2P NO HELLS ) the gifts will be given as soon i make it possible
(MCKTR)@tanishka @Miikuuu @SURBHI QUEEN ???????? @~Ayşegül @???????. @Hyper Prashant @??Jaspreet Kaur❤️? @❃ Lyne ❃ @Mr RJ @?Khushi ? @✓Beky✓® @奉太郎 折木 @Raanga (Strength of humanity) @OooAnkitooO @?H€αrT£€$$?

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