I'm still the alive.... I'm back biitches!!!

slim shady bilalDZ

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I've been working in dam.n Sahara I bought new phone now after 6 months without phone when I smashed my phone because I lost a fu cking pubg match I lost control I was kind of broke no work no money no shiit now I got new work.... there is a lot of snakes, scorpions in our Sahara In Algeria I'm from west north.... 400klm away from my parents home as long I live with my parents..... well a scorpion ? hit me It was worse day in my whole fu cking life.....I didnt sleep for last 16h its so fu cking hurt ....like you taking a walk in hell it burn... I went to the doctor immediately.... I thought I'm gonna die but I'm still breath.... hmm I don't think I would smash that phone too.... I'm gonna think about it hahaha fu ck it I'm back!!

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