Proof showing m+m and MHB are leechers

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See how their admins aren't collecting hunters on their own and leeching by their posts in other buses Diplo and private messages to bus hunters and guild chats(in buses) (excited/)(excited/)(excited/) they can't even get full bus even after this so what they do to fill buses is accepting their alternate accounts and friends and not even hunting for them and neither their alt or friends are hunting where in my bus even if you're an admin you do the hunt requirments so that hunters won't get disappointed and we got just a few like 4-5 admins not like these leechers with 10+ admins and non are hunting

This results in lack of gift boxes and disappointed hunters
They have same hunting requirements as my bus SH7 but where we're getting 450-550 boxes every bus (sometimes we cross even 600) they get just 200-250 (excited/)(excited/) seriously I was about to cry when one of the hunters who regularly joins MHB joined my bus for the first time he called me and talked and what he said was like He's really happy with our buses and he's never gonna join MHB again (excited/)(excited/) well that was a phone call so I don't have recording if anyone wants proofs I can ask him to send me a message discriminating SH7 with MHB/m+m

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