Leechers Bus M+M & MHB

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Lords Mobile

Leechers buses M+M & MHB admins got jealous of our buses and the trust that they leech and blocked and kicked (frok their bus group) me when I showed them the proofs of what they're doing (excited/)(excited/)(excited/)(excited/) this is a video proof of what they did

They tried to scam me as well I'll post that also and the proofs also that they're leeching don't worry guys we're here to save y'all from such bullshits and provide you good buses

At the end I'll just say happy gaming guys (smile/)(smile/)

#Lords Mobile Comunity##Wegamers Comunity##monsterbuses##Monsterbus##Huntingmonster#

@★☆☆☆MASTER SACHIN ☆☆☆★ is an admin for M+M tagging him so that you guys won't get scam by their sh_it buses (excited/)(excited/) @Miikuuu @ꪑꪖ᭢ꪖƙ @Kondhana @Krishhh... Naa.. @?N@Mo iLeY? @Karan❣ @Raanga (Strength of humanity) @ajaygehlod25111996 @???𓄼ᴺᴱ??? @????Shivam Thakur???? @AktharDcruzV2 @Dev0 @The Most You You Can Be @꧁???ℕ??꧂

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