Castle Clash: Brave Squads

The white heart... A heart that has become a rare coin... It is a merciful, tolerant heart that forgives many... It does not hold hatred for anyone... It is friendly and loves for others what it loves for itself... It does not know hate, hatred, jealousy, or selfishness.

Honest in his words ... pure in his intentions ... spontaneous in his actions ... his looks are optimistic ... dreamy ... he reminds you of angels ... sometimes he looks like children in his innocence ... he always smiles even if he is feeling sad or in pain. As usual, his sadness is hidden inside.

All his wishes are to live in peace... and for everyone to be happy and to find around him everyone who loves them... beloved among hearts, and when others remember him, a smile is on their lips... With all these wonderful qualities, others look at him as weak!

Congratulations to the white-hearted, even if they are weak in the eyes of others!


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