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Any lineup for ne to beat this? I have shown the heroes I have ready to fight.

Enemy heroes:
★Chronicler (Gold)
★Witch Doll (Blue)
★Rose Knight (Gold)
★Snail Princess (Purple)
★Lore Weaver (Gold)

My available heroes to fight:
★Rose Knight, Tracker, Demon Slayer, Big Guy, Trickster, Prima Donna, Oath Keeper (Gold)
★Storm Fox (Purple)
★Night Raven (Blue)
★Boomeister, Death Knight, Incinerator, Black Crow, Pegasus rank 7 (Green)
★Grim Wolf, Berserker, Witch Doll, Petite Devil, Lore Weaver, Bombin Goblin, Child of Light, Snow Queen rank 7

Which lineup shall I use?

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