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Both of my guilds are actively recruiting! Are you active military, working over time, or otherwise need a relaxed guild where you can sometimes rally with the big kids and then just do nothing for 3 days? T0O is for you! Our r5 is home from active duty and ready to burn *** up. Bring your alts and prepare for mildly entertaining conversation and sass. Friendly and close knit humans. Need a war guild where you can never train t4 and t5 to keep up, finish kvk while sitting your fat *** on a few forts, inspire fear in the hearts of men, and have to tolerate me throwing in conversations about hand jobs for no reason? DIM is for you. They have been a family for over 5 years and are the most down to earth guild I have ever had the pleasure of joining. Guildfest is optional but joining rallies and killing monsters is mandatory. Message me and I will get you in contact with the right people!

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