You have to ask your


You have to ask yourself ... What legacy do you want to leave behind after you're gone ? Its a question that's pretty deep to say the least , it may even sound cliche to put it on here in a post . But it's something that comes to mind a lot , whilst I'm reflecting and thinking about life in general . One of my main goals is I really want to give as much value as possible and genuinely help as many people as I can , through my own personal journey and message . The journey in pursuit of your dreams can be very tough at times , like I've mentioned in previous posts . I know I've personally felt it quite a few times , and that's the reason I tend to touch on it quite often ... It's such a soft spot for me ... Because I know what it feels like to go through ... I know what it's like when people to tell you that you can't do something ... I know what it's like when people don't believe in you ... It's hard . I get it . But there's one thing for sure ... you have to push

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