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⚠️ It doesn't matter who is now about the coronavirus: whether nothing is happening, whether it's trying to apply his crazy positive or, on the other way, bought all the toilet paper, buckwheat and closed in the forest. ⠀ Still the fact remains a fact: the borders of many countries are closed, movement is blocked, many businesses, especially offline, are closed and suffer great losses. Fitness area, restaurant business, fun institutions etc 📉 ⠀ How long will it last ❓❓❓ A month-two-three-half years??? No one knows. But I definitely won't sit on my face. ⠀ On the one hand, the situation out of a row out and "positive positive" is cool with both hands 💪 but here you have to think well. ⠀ "stable" work stopped being stable. And those who built their business only on earth will finally be able to appreciate the alternative to doing it on the Internet. ⠀ And then the slogan: "earn without leaving home" will get its true meaning, without offline meetings, events and all that recently took a lot of energy and time. ⠀ ❗️ The era of Online Business has come. And that's great! Finally, those who laughed at forex or cryptocurrency and thought it was not serious, will pay their attention very quickly. How did I do with the guys. ⠀ Well, those who didn't want to learn to work on the internet will have to do it urgently or... stay with your opinion and reap the consequences. Everyone makes a choice by themselves. ⠀ In any case, someone will make this situation stronger, smarter, smarter and wise. Someone will collect the cream and someone's stubs. ⠀ ✅ I wish all of us to use forced pencil for good and then everything will be good. Inbox me, my direct is open.
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