cɾαƶყɓαε (산디)

Wishing you the best of everything on your special day partner ! (heart/)(party/) @❤️Ꮋᴀʀʀʏ/ساندي❤️
Today and each day and everyday of your life may event turn out just the way you want them to.. (angel/)(jump/)
May shineshine always brithen your path..
May every day of your life bring you sweet smiles, kind words and warm hugs...
May you realize how important you are in the lives of all who know you and care about you..
May you take each day to see the beauty and joy that's all around you!

So thankfull for the times we've shared that feel like a little bit of heaven here on earth (angel/)(heart/)
You are a blessing to my life! (heart/) We may not talk everyday but your priority in my life will never change. Thankyou for being on my life dear (heart/). Thankyou for being my most favourite person.Thankyou for being my partner (snicker/)(heart/)... Thankyou for everything my baby boy! Enjoy your day! (jump/)(jump/)(kiss/)(heart/)

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