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Hey guys spam me your guilds m single and ready to mingle again ;) I have been inactive this past week but time to get back in the groove. Looking for a fun crazy guild that can keep up with my banter. I prefer a lively kingdom chat cuz I love to pop off in there (excited/) A family that will teach me more on the war aspect as I have been a total bum for way too long. A little info on my acct: p2p in the mid range, t4 unlocked, working on t5, gifting ability unlocked, 400+ mm. Please hit me up here or in game at Leiarose. I am not a rally lead as I am still a noob at attacking but I can fill and protect my own ;) Looking forward to hearing back!

Last note, please don’t spam me random *** gifs. If I wanted to see those things I’d hit up Google. Nudes are welcome but don’t expect any back xD thanks for reading and happy gaming!

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