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New journey! Two days ago, I was planning to take a few days off from the game but what it turned out I visited my old friends and made a couple of friends. 911Diablo, a very friendly one. Got along with him very well and had fun chatting with him

During the time I left [FIN]Final Demise, my best friends Aar0n King and Dark Angel53 decided to quit the game. We've been playing and fighting together for over 2 years. We've celebrated holidays in-game together, talked about a lot of thing like daily life. It will be hard to not see them around in the game but they always be a part of my heart (hug/)(hug/)(hug/)(heart/)(heart/)(heart/)(heart/)

A friend of mine made a guild called [TkO]The LaZy DragonZ. Just go lazy and do nothing there

My day has been both interesting and emotional at the same time(cute/)(cute/)(cute/)

I hope one day they will return and play with me

Stay safe, stay strong and enjoy your life!(cute/)(cute/)(cute/)(jump/)(jump/)(hug/)(hug/)(hug/)(hug/)(kiss/)(kiss/)(kiss/)(kiss/)(kiss/)(rose/)(rose/)(rose/)(rose/)(rose/)(cheers/)(cheers/)(cheers/)(cheers/)(heart/)(heart/)(heart/)(heart/)(heart/)(heart/)(angel/)(angel/)(angel/)(angel/)
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