Conquerors 2: Glory of Sultans

Academy... This building is very important for improve self. It can improve your war attributes, resource bonus and other things. I'm gonna tell you about it.

I wanna have a lot of technologies to get more power. And cuz of this I'll improve a technologies, that gives me more might.

Of course, you can do so, but I recommend u to improve a technologies, that don't give you a lot of might, but give you a real bonus in game.

Important! Don't look at might, look at bonus!

A lot of people dunno what technologies improve in start game. You have to know it!

The academy has a 4 group: resources, logistics, defenses, military or army.

Everyone should choose a way of development. If you're a farmer and don't want to fight with anyone, improve the resources' group (excited/)(excited/)(excited/). But....i know a lot of people, that don't fight with someone, but improve the military's group... Lol...

Anyway, If you wanna fight with anyone, you've to improve the group of military, defenses and some part of logistics.


The group isn't popular among a war people. Of course, even war men can improve it, but usually the group is not actually.

What should i improve in this group?

1. Everything about jewels (collect and production)

What shouldn't I improve in this group?

You can improve other things (wood, food...), but jewels will be important better.


The group has as bad things, as useful.

What should i improve in this group?

Useful these things: speed of squad, rehabilitation, infirmary expansion and medical Facilities.


The best group for improving after military. Here, you can to improve a lot of useful things, that will give you really bonus in game.

What should i improve in this group?

1. Important! You've to improve damage of traps vs some troops, that popular nowadays. Now, I advice you to improve traps vs infantry and cannons.

2. Also, there are useful things else. HP troops of defense and DEF troops of defense. These two technologies are so useful and help your troops take less damage in fight(defense).

3. And one thing. It's first aid. It'll give you loss less army in fights.


Military is the popular group among gamers. Almost every technology is useful there.

1. Important! You have to improve technology of any troops that popular nowadays. Now, I recommend you to improve infantry's attack and cannon's attack and also DEF and HP of infantry.

2. Don't improve attributes of other troops (archers and infantry) while they aren't popular.

P.S. Some players think, that limit of squad is that useful. I'm not man, that think also. Limit of troops isn't useful! This technology has a big price!

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