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So guys meet this new wandering member of wegamer who is just wandering with his *** pic and sending to girls and trying to hook up and sexting so just beware of @MONOLOG1019 he is that guy who sends you *** pic in your inbox. Moderator should take some action against them instead of muting and banning innocent peoples ( mods you should show your power to them instead of playing politics over innocents) @??Florencia?? @Alifa ?? @Moon Goddess @Mysticmyth @jezsa @Glaizaaaaaa @Sun @Deia Alhaq ??, @Harmonia @✨xXBlue SkyXx✨ @࿔ChaCha 茶茶 ࿔ @❈ ? ????????? ? ❈ @✰ иIKα ♡ @Nena Çılgın

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