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Kingdom: 166
Guild Name: [D&W] Dark Wolves
Guild Might: 52b
Gift Level: 31
Guild Fest : Master Gauntlet
Dragon Arena : Expert League II
Guild Showdown : Division 14
Guild Bash : Master
Language: Spanish-English (international members)
Guild Members: 89/100
Requirements: D&W recruiting T5-T4 ACTIVE players, WAR RALLY LEADERS& FILLERS (castles-Kvk-Wow) and guild fest maniacs 1700!
To join you must have 400M MP/100M kills + 5b might destroed per 100m kills +T4s or T5 + line app + sigils (20+) + migrate in K166 + 1700 GF + participate in all guild events (kvk 5M+) + decent war gear and able to eat at least 1 rally
Who&How to Contact : message the recruiter - Line ID : oufdeguerre or erapunkaddict

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