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Hi all (smile/)
Troops training is a long & continued task which takes a lot of time and doing it to just complete hells is not a good way to spend gems and speed ups. You should hoard a lot of gems & speed ups to use it in one go like doing 24h Challenge during Guild Fest will give you the most benefit.

Usually everyone wants Chaos Dragon or Materials to upgrade gear like Frostwing Heart, Cursed Skull, Blood Sucker, etc. So spending it in one go during GF is very beneficial to your score and requirements of Medals or Materials.

In this guide I'll focus on training t4 and t2 as it is the general requirement for a good composition. Training 1 t4 gives 15 points in hell while training 1 t4 gives 2 points. You should save up your gems and speed ups and estimate if you can complete the 24h Challenge.

Training 1 T4 gives 15 points and training 1 T2 gives 2 points in hell/24h Challenge.

24h Challenge with Chaos Dragon needs 4,480,000 points to complete.
24h Challenge with Frostwing Heart needs 3,720,000 points to complete.

You should complete hell events with troop training to get the maximum benefit. To complete 24h Challenge with Chaos Dragon medals you need to train 298,667(let's say 300,000) T4 to complete it and for 24h Challenge with Frostwing Heart you need to train 248,000 T4 to complete it.

In the same manner if you train T2 only you need to train 2,240,000 T2 to complete Chaos Dragon 24h Challenge and for 24h Challenge with Frostwing Heart you need to train 1,860,000 T2.

Training just T4 using 1 barrack gives you most benefit as I have previously mentioned in my post. You can freely use gems to speed up the training as the time takes is more than a day. But for T2 you need to have more Barracks if you're mass building them using gems as the gems required for completing training in less than a day(24h) is more. I suggest you have 3 barracks for those as it will take about 24h to train T2 and can be gemmed. If you have enough speed ups to train them then there's no need to build more Barracks.

To complete hells you can estimate the number of troops you need to train.
For example => To complete hell of 420,000 points you need to train 420000÷15(points gained on training 1 T4) and likewise 420000÷2(points gained on training 1 T2).

I hope you find this guide to be beneficial to maximize your gains. Never settle for anything less (smile/)

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