Chicken Dinner at Home Community Tournament


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we are very excited to presenting you a custom matches community tournament that will held on every weekend ( SUNDAY ) . Our focus is to provide an enjoyable experience of daily opportunities to join your friends and have the chance to win some prizes. In doing so, we will not enforce any registration process, but encourage you to keep an eye on custom match details that will be announced in our new Chatroom " " at the times specified below. Don't want to play? No worries. We are having live stream of the custum room too. You really don't want to miss out on this one!• SERVER : Asia • MAP : ERANGEL / MIRAMAR / SANHOK / VIKENDI / LIVIK• GAME MODE : Classic• TEAM MODE : Solo/Duo• PROSPECTIVE : TPP• PLATFORM : Mobile ( Emulator Not Allowed )We reserve the right to replace, remove or disqualify any participant at our discretion . • Match will be conducted on every weekend at 19 UTC upto next announcement. • After each match, it is possible to conduct matches for point and exp's. • 60 UC Prize Will be Awarded to Top 2 Winner's at every Weekend. If you have any questions feel free to leaves a comment or contact in so that we can clear up any concerns!OverviewTIMING PRIZES

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