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Watcher is army attack and HP hero who is completely free to unlock and upgrade. Army attack and HP stats he provides applies to all type of troops in your castle hence watcher is a gem in the castle wall. Taking a rally or even a solo hit will provide more damage if you have more army attack heroes on the wall. Training speed he provides for me is just a bonus. Watcher is introduced as a F2P hero yet why is it so hard to unlock and upgrade him? What are the easy ways to get watcher to gold?

In this article we will talk about how to get watcher on research hell events. In my opinion doing research hell events to get watcher is the best thing you can do to your account. You will get 3 extra medals of watcher and also finish one more research, which inturn will help you grow to be stronger. Watcher Research is one of those things most of the players can't wait for because rarity of it coming up.


¤ The number one thing must do to ensure you finish the 3 stages of the hell event is to check on the speed ups you have and run a small calculation to see if you have enough to finish the 3 stages. If you fall behind on the hell event, it's going to be a waste of speed ups and you will feel bad.

¤ Check if you have enough resources to finish the hell event. Sometimes you may have enough speed ups but you may lack on some resources especially Gold.

¤ You will always have a research going on when the watcher hell event pops up, go to the academy and check how much research might that reseach gives. If the might it gives is more than the points needed to complete the hell event then you are in luck. However, if it isn't enough to complete the hell event, check the academy to see what other researches you can do to complete the hell event and that you have adequate speedups and resources.
* 1 might gain (Research) = 1 point in hell event

¤ In the situation where you need multiple researches to finish the hell event, finish the on going research as soon as the 55 minutes starts. Now you have time to get helps from your guildmates to reduces the research time by a considerable amount thereby saving gems and speed ups. Don't be afraid to send out a mail to announce the start of a watcher hell event, not only your guildmates will appreciate the notification also more players will come online to give you helps.

¤ If you have not yet unocked T4, military research tree is the best place to start getting those watcher medals. Level 8,9 and 10 researches are high in might and getting watcher is much easier this way. I know that it becomes intriguing to finish those military research and get to T4 faster but it is very strong recommended to get watcher upgraded along the way.

¤ Sooner you start getting watcher medals, sooner you will get him to gold. I have guildmates who are less than 200m might and has watcher to gold. On the other hand i do have guildmates who are 500m might and still have blue watcher.

Getting watcher to gold may seem impossible if you are a starting or still growing player but soon you will realise how rare it is to get a hero as F2P. Watcher being an army attack and HP heroes makes him even more important. Get used to saving speed ups and gems for watcher research hell events and get used to saving resources for hell events. You can't finish this game, you have to grow and then grow even more. The most valauable advice i can give you is learn to be patient to get better things off the game.

Nothing is impossible if you keep grinding.. Goodluck my friends

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