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Here is a quick guide to rallying castles (grin/) Hopefully you'll learn something new

Here is a very common composition players use to take rallies. The front line will be the T2, have enough T2 and they will eat any rally thrown at it. BUT once that T2 is gone it's all over from there. This is a 2B account so all these troops is expected. 26 million of each T2 will take many rallies to zero (dizzy/)

A good way to find exactly what to send for a rally is to look for a few indicators. Firstly gear, blast gear sets will be a very easy way to see what formation they could be in. Next check the hero's and familiars they keep on the wall. Using all Army Attack heros is ideal because then it's harder to tell what formation is being used. But alot of infantry heros means infantry formation.

Rein traps can be too easy unless they know what they're doing. Looking at this report what would you send? If you said range you're wrong! Firstly they have Gemming Gremlin which is an infantry familiar, next they have infantry and range heroes so they will be defending in Infantry Wedge. This is a pretty bad rein trap for the fact they don't have enough troops and they have infantry heroes/familiars all over. It's very obviously a rein trap. Someone with mythic gear can easily burn them with a cavalry march (giggle/)

Now THIS is a rally parties dream to find (cute/) No T2 and instead a crap load of T3 (drool/) For those that didn't know when it comes to rallies T3 cannot defend against rallies to save their life! they will burn VERY fast! I've been told even our mythic guy could get a walk back if he sent a solo march (dizzy/) If you are a T4 player wanting to defend against rallies DON'T HAVE ALOT OF T3! Fun fact, years ago this was the proper composition to defend against rallies. Many old players have alot of T3 from the days when this is what was needed and it's why I'm guessing this person does too.

Use a good leader! Try to use an Army attack hero. I know some are F2P and not everyone can have ones like Lore Weaver or Chaos. While I'm on the topic of Chaos and Watcher, please don't use them unless they're gold! Using a blue or purple hero when you have others gold doesn't make much sense. Personally I keep Rose as my leader because she has Army attack as well as cavalry attack and HP. Bombin Goblin is a bad choice to me personally (tantrum/) Yeah he may have an Army attack boost but the rest is trap so it's kind of pointless when you could get better stats with other heros. Remember, Attack and HP is the main ones you want! Don't forget familiars that go with your gear (cute/)

Once you get everything set up you need the gear! Mine isn't exact to what's needed theres so many sets you can do this is just an example. If you're sending a Cavalry rally use Cav gear, same with the other types. Don't do mix rallies! Mix gear is for defending or when you're out just burning for leaders, blast sets will do MUCH more damage and you'll have a higher chance at winning.

For example say you are rallying the 32m troops and they're in infantry formation, send a cavalry blast rally until the infantry is gone then do infantry rallies to take out the range and so on. But one thing very important, have the strongest person in your guild doing the rallies! We have a few guys that would lead before me any day, only reason I would lead is so I could try it or they weren't on but that'll never happen. The higher the stats, the quicker the zero can happen.

Anything else you would like to learn let me know in the comments! (hug/)(kiss/)(angel/)(party/)

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