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Familiars was an interesting new addition to Lords Mobile which allowed the F2P players to reap more benefits and help their account grow. Familiars can be a huge advantage when attacking and defending but as a F2P player, i would rather focus on my growth first and familiars are an amazing way to go about it.



Aquiris - One of the most important parts of the game is the heroes because you use heroes in amongst all aspects of the game, when attacking, defending, colosseum, logistic statistics (research and construction speed) and many more. It can be very difficult and time consuming as a F2P player to max out all the heroes, however this has become ever so easy with the introduction of Aquiris. Aquiris at max level gives 60-120 stamina per 12 hours, which means you get almost 2 bravehearts per day. Aquiris is also a very handy Army talent heros as it very cheap to get him maxed out. Aquiris gives the debuff of 15% reduction in army HP to the enemy.


Harpy - As a F2P player it's very important to be able to protect your troops in an emergency. This is definitely important for any player. Harpy allows you to increase your shelter space by 50,000. Which means its 50k more troops you will save incase you are getting attacked. This isnt the only good thing about harpy, it also gives you VIP points. Getting to VIP 15 will take ages even as a P2P player. Harpy will give you 3 random VIP points per day at max level, this includes 5000 VIP item.


Bonehead - One of the most precious thing in the game as F2P player is gems because you need 600k gems to get your special building to 25 and even more to reach T4. One of the ways you can have passive income of gems is the Colosseum and staying on top will give you more gems. Bonehead gives you extra 10 more Colosseum entries which will help you loads to get to the top and stay on top as a F2P player.


Tempestite - Once you are done with the monster hunt research tree there are absolutely no other way to increase your hunting stats but to buy packs and upgrade your hunting gear. Therefore as a F2P player it becomes really difficult to increase those stats. However this has made ever so easy by Tempestite because it gives 10% energy regain boost which is one of the most important hunting stats second to damage.


Totempest - IGG has made many updates favouring the P2P in the game however being a F2P game they have allowed the players to get some materials for free. Cargo ship now contains precious materials such as Bright talent orbs, Embers, Star scrolls and etc. Therefore as F2P having Totempest will allow us to have an extra opportunity to grab those materials by refreshing the cargo every once a day.

These may not be the best familiars in the game however they are consume less time and resources to get maxed out than any other pact 3/4 familiars. In addition, these familiars allow you to grow in the long run as an F2P player.

I hope you enjoy the game and do it right as a F2P. please leave a comment below about your favourite familiar in the game.

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