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As far I concern you all that you must be participate in Hell Event Why... I am going to explain why.. 1. There are 3 phases, and every time a player completes a phase they will earn a reward. The 100 top ranking players will receive the ranking rewards. Players from all kingdoms will be ranked on the same ranking board. 2. Now there are 8 types of Hell event points.. Which are following a) Building b) Research C) Merge pacts d) Hunt Monsters e) Kingdom Tycoon f) Labyrinth g) Train Soldiers 3. Now we calculate how many points you get in each 7 types. a) Building & b) Research 1 Might = 1 Point C) Merge Pacts Pact 1. 1200 points Pact 2. 2400 points Pact 3. 4800 points Pact 4. 9000 points d) Hunt Monsters Level. Hit. Kill Lv 1. 30 points 100 points Lv 2. 60 points. 600 points Lv 3. 120 points 2500 points Lv 4. 240 points. 10000 points Lv 5. 360 points. 30,000 points e) Kingdom Tycoon Use Luck Token. 1200 Points Reach the final tile. 6000 Points f) Labyrinth Attack a monster once in Labyrinth (Normal) 200 points Attack a monster once in Labyrinth (Elite)6,000 Points g) Train Soldiers Tier 1. 1 Point Tier 2. 2 Points Tier 3. 5 Points Tier 4. 15 Points 4. You can obtain medals for Watcher and Chaos Dragon by completing specific Hell Events. So end of this topic Hell Event.. It must be all. Need your valuable comments and like.

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