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Guys and ladies how’s your arena gone mY is worst I fight a lot but finally I defeat this dragon arena battle and my opponent is the same might guild but they all are active and we are few but I will try my best and taking 4 spots and my team works good and I eat 3 t5s attack 375k t5 lols it’s a good experience for me
( guys when you are in battle arena so pls don’t heal your troops and wasting your gems speed ups and etc bcz if you heal your troops you losing arena points and opponents makes strong so pls guys do remember this things it’s a good for you and your team members and your guild members whom going to fight in dragon arena )
Keep support and loving me and follow me also
​@WeGamers Team ​@Bella🎇 ​@👑Dragon Queen🐲 ( give me kudos if you like my post z)

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