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Here I will discuss the new Lords Mobile Game players and F2P players....

I'm here Lords Mobile players for 2 years I know how a new Lords Mobile player, for new Lords Mobile players and F2P I will give a little experience of playing in this Lords Mobile Game(I know how you feel).

Last night my mobile was at the factory reset again so my mobile is like new again, then I install Lords Mobile Game again, because my email is already related to the Lords Mobile Game account so I don't have to worry just need to remember my email and password to enter the Lords mobile game (I wrote it in my book to make it easier to remember emails and passwords, because my account Lords Mobile Game is not small/quite a lot either so I need to note it everything in my book).

For new players in Lords Mobile Game the first thing you need to do is yes, of course contructing build and research is the most important first.


And need to forge equipment also for contruction, it is to reduce the time during construction.

In the Workshop

Talent research also needs attention.

For the first focus of construction and research


Then this research is also in your academy.




And join the guilds that develop and produce lots of monster boxes.

If you can't follow the rules of the big guild or don't qualify, you can also join a guild that suits your abilities... It doesn't matter that the guild has many lv.1 boxes, the most important monster is you get a lot of boxes in the guild.

And I will say also don't be lazy to kill monsters, don't use words busy or anything... I'm also a busy person and busy people won't always be busy 24 hours every day... If you are very busy and say this game is very long you better uninstall this game than you keep whining like a child (because this game is for fighters who are patient and need a strong mentality).

Kill monsters in this guild is a small thing but this is far more important than any event in this game.

Join the all event in this game too, I think this game is very relaxing because the time in this event is very far from the event being held again.

I really not a F2P player I spent a lot of my money on this game in my first time playing this game, but since I joined a guild that has a lot of guild boxes I might only spend a little money for this game... Especially in addition I can follow the Monster Hunt ( the bus) event.

And for those of you who want to really play in this Lords Mobile Game, you have to be patient and because patience is the beginning of getting sweet fruit (blush/)...

This is a strategic game and I'm sure if you are patient you can definitely get a profitable harvest for you, don't keep complaining, get up and do your best...

You must be good at saving your troops and if necessary, minimal troops if you can not guard it.

If you are burned you must indeed accept the grass below it to be trampled.

Don't think having big might this not careful but you don't know that the towering tree also has a lot of wind hitting it, even if it can be cut down by a big wind and destroyed immediately... but if it survives it's the winner...

This is indeed just a game for fun, stop using complaining, rude words and bullying...

I will invite the players of Lords Mobile Game to have fun starting today, get up and do your best...

Don't look above you, be yourself and the game for fun... I've done it so those of you who love Lords Mobile Game should do it too.

Maybe a lot of flaws in my explanation in this article. I just human ordinary, lack is my nature because perfection belongs only to God who created everything in the universe this.

Thank you all of you who read my very long article like this newspaper... But I say good things for you to build enthusiasm your all.

Sweet greetings from kyo97(kiss/)(rose/).

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