Australian Bushfire Fundraising Event

V1perMcKay Studios

An event to raise money for the Australian Red Cross and Wires AU is approaching. There are days within the event dates available for streaming and getting behind the two charities.

All you need to do to be part of this event is as follows:
1. Head to Streamlabs and login.
2. Enter the charity tab and press on Red Cross or Wires AU.
3. Schedule the stream to any date and time.
4. Head to the studios and comment with the details that are necessary in the appropriate thread.
5. You will be added to the pinned comment when I read them.

So here's the FAQ on this event.

Q. I don't have Streamlabs OBS. So how can I take part?
A. As long as proceeds of your stream go to either charity, you can still take part.

Q. Can I still stream even if I remove the Charity?
A. No. All streamers on the streamer list on Reddit must keep the charity active until the end of their stream.

Q. Is V1perMcKay Studios streaming as well?
A. Yes and no. A stream test is happening tomorrow via the official channel and it depends on the outcome. Link is in the pinned streamer list via the studios Reddit.

If you want any more questions answered, please leave a comment below.

~V1perMcKay (Admin of V1perMcKay Studios)

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