I'm HyeKyo97 ( Kyo97 )

Ainillaha 97 아름다운

Lords Mobile

I have been using nick HyeKyo97 for a long time, until I was widely known in my favorite Lords Mobile Game as the name " Kyo ".
When I first joined L*R my guild only had "Might 178M" in my main account, my alts account is around "Might 100M" each...
Approximately 6 months ago, exactly I joined the L*R guild... At that time the L*R guild still had a "Might 9.5B Guild".
In 6 months my development was very fast, which used to be "Might 178M" my main account is now " Might 380M "even though I'm just a successful farmer (snicker/)... And my alts account which used to be " Might 100M " is now each "Might 200M"(blush/)...
And the power of the L*R guild has become "Might 15B"...

Many asked me why I was developing so quickly in Lords Mobile Game...
I answer (snicker/)
How much money you bought for this Lords Mobile Game... How many guild boxes you get from the guild... How often do you take part in Monster Hunt events (bus)... If you neglect for a moment this game, you will be destroyed in an instant... Because this game must be thorough and also good at strategy...
If you want to grow like me, you only need to minimize checks once a day to make sure your account is safe, fight when you are strong... Don't care too much about what people say is not important (mocking or condescending)... This is the game that you play you are not that person... Everyone has advantages and disadvantages of each. If you are looking for perfect until whenever you do not get, because perfection belongs only to God ( ALLAH SWT )(flirt/).

There are still many who are above me more rapid development... But many eyes are watching me(snicker/).
The point is to take care of yourself... Don't be busy looking at other people...

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Sweet greetings from Kyo97(kiss/)(rose/).

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