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Today’s topic is one of the most popular event in Lords Mobile ~ HELL EVENT.

Events have always been around Lords Mobile game for as far as I could remember. As things can get repetitive plus the fact that some researches take long to complete, these activities bring variety and fun in the game.


Event’s Section - Hell Event along with other events

Hell Event ‌ can be found at the Event’s section of your Lords Mobile turf. As the name suggests, it is a “hellish” kind of event as it is very challenging to complete. What makes it difficult are the following:

🔸 Time-bound ~ you have to finish the quest within a given amount of time.

🔸 Stages and Points ~ it has 3 stages which has an equivalent number of points and to get the most out of the rewards, completing the quest up to the last stage is recommended

🔸 Items ~ some quests require you to use tons of items like resources, monster hunt energy, holy stars, speed ups and more depending on the quest the event requires (i.e. training troops, finishing research, monsterhunt and etc.)

Aside from Stage rewards (Stage 1-3), you are also being ranked depending on how much points you were able to accumulate. The top 100 stand to win awesome prizes and I must say Rank 1 rewards are not too shabby. Please see example below:

Example Rank 1 Rewards


There’s many tips revolving around this event that everyone can provide. In my opinion, these are the things you must do to tackle Hell Event.


Save as much resources, speed ups and items as you can. Preparation is always the key (unless you got lots of gems). Hoarding these stuff will allow you to finish these quests until the last stage at the given amount of time. There’s nothing painful as not being able to complete all rewards stages after spending too much items for it. So please try as much as possible to collect lots of them.


‌Unless you are confident that you can finish the quest, do not jump in too quickly in starting one that you cannot complete. It would be a total waste of items and resources if you can’t even get the stage 3 rewards (which has better rewards than stages 1-2)


‌If you are completing Watcher and Chaos Dragon’s ranking, wait patiently for it to appear in Hell Event. Majority of Lords Mobile players do Hell Events because of these two heroes. Sometimes, they combo it with Solo event and 24hr challenge (if they happen to be the same quest) to get the best results out of it.   ‌Many have joined various of group chats in different messaging applications that broadcasts Hell Event quest that include these heroes so they can be continuously notified when it appears.

And we have reached the end of our topic. I hope you find this simple to understand. Please leave a comment below if you have questions or insights.

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