I had the best Dragon Arena!

Otto Miner

Lords Mobile

This last Dragon Arena was one of my top Lord's Mobile moments. Not because we won, or we beat a team that seemed greater than us, or we just had a great rally. None of those are what made this Dragon Arena great, what did was my son came out of Lord's Mobile retirement and played his NitroPanda character that I have been playing for him. My son still lives at home he is in his first year of college, so he stopped playing Lord's Mobile due to the commitment to college. He liked Dragon Arena so much he wants to play his character on all the Dragon Arena's. His NitroPanda logo is in the picture below, he streams games under that gaming name. He said he plays League is his main game. He also plays a racing game that I am sponsoring one of his race cars, I will post the pictures of my logo on his car soon. Who would have ever thought yours truly would be sponsoring a digital car.

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