Last few pushes for


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Last few pushes for 2019...

Just recently I've done a few things to further my progress:
1. FINALLY beat Chapter 8 of normal stages. So now I can work on max ranking my heros so I can do better in the Colosseum. I'll probably never complete elite chapter 8 lol. Too frustrating...
2. Between the last few days, I've completed more research hell/solo/24hr challenge events than I ever have previously to bust my way through the last of the economy researches
3. Started on the level 10 army researches... The 3 big moves before unlocking t4 research

The few basic tips I learned:
- GATHER GOLD - Just when you think you have enough, gather more lol
- Only complete big researches for hell events
- Wait for research hell events for Watcher medals to complete the big army researches
- See if possible to get scholar title before starting your army researches
- Don't speed through until you have all helps maxed
- Use any boost possible (good gear & research boost)
- Find a guild that's like fam (honestly, most important)

Love my guildmates. They have helped me so much in my journey to t4. I wouldn't be as close as I am today without those lil window lickers. Also thankful we have a helpful kingdom. The ruling guilds may burn us when shields drop, but they helped by giving me scholar title before I started my big army researches both times (any boost helps). So for that, I'm thankful for a respectful and helpful kingdom.

Now I just need to wait for another research watcher hell event to complete lv10 army defense. Start lv10 army attack, wait for another research watcher hell event. Then I can finally start the t4 unlocking (excited/) Wish me luckk!

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