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Arknights is a strategy RPG mobile game with a fantasy theme. 1. How to apply for the Closed Beta Test (CBT) The Preregistration Link is here: 2. Arknights CBT Signup How do I get into the CBT? 1000 People will be randomly selected from the applicants. 3. Can I play the CBT on iOS? No, it is only for Android/Google Play. 4. When will the CBT emails come out? The emails will arrive some time after 1000 entries are submitted. The timeline is unclear/unannounced at the moment. 5. What happens if I get into the CBT? No need to worry about it since you probably won't get in. In the event you do, you will receive an email with details and instructions. The contents of the email ARE NOT TO BE SHARED WITH OTHERS. However, taking footage and pictures of CBT Arknights gameplay is allowed. 6.Will my progress carry over? No, all progress will be wiped from the Arknights closed beta. 7.What rewards do I get from the CBT? Confirmed people in the Arknights Closed Beta will get a Closed Beta Tester role on the Official Arknights Discord.

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