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1. How did you get into the WeGamers?
     By a special person from Lords Mobile Guild, inorder to talk with her I installed WeGamers.

2. What is the reason to attract you to stay at WeGamers?
     It's a gamers app, and lots of benefits for F2P players like
*Learn Tips & Tricks
*Game information & updates
*Making own posts etc...

3. Are there other friends around you who use WeGamers?
    Yes, my friend is using wegamers [Room mate]

4. Will you recommend WeGamers to your friends?
     Yes, Most of my friends are not gamers but I have recommended to my few friends.

5. Which do you think WeGamers needs to change?
     Wegamers should Bring some special bundles like slayer chest, champion chest bundle etc.. for LM players (atleast Weekly), It will be great help for F2P players

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