Monsters Hunt In The Cn2 Guild

HyeKyo97 / 97 아름다운

Lords Mobile

Many people ask me, why am I so fast increasing my might?
Did I spend a lot of money on this favorite lords mobile game of mine?
Or I do something else?
I will answer your questions now(giggle/)
Yeah...I spent quite a bit of money on my favorite lords mobile game(giggle/)(snicker/), and most of all I followed the monster hunt event in the Cn2 guild(party/)(party/).
You can see in the guild rules,here the rule is to kill lv.3*3 or lv.4*1 monster mix(salute/).
After killing monsters according to the rules, I have to hand over the screenshot my monsters killing according to the rules(jump/), and I send it to my favorite admin Cn2 guild@KateKristha, LaDiabla, Succubo (kiss/).
And I casually opened the boxes and enjoyed the results of the monster hunt cn2 guild, and the results are very satisfying(jump/)(jump/).
And this result is more than enough for me(jump/), to quickly raise my might(jump/)(kiss/).

@Tim WeGamers @Lords Mobile

Sweet greetings from Kyo97

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