Kingdom Heating Up

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I wanted to Reach 20m points solo this KVK but i think i wasn't able to do it. Last time Got 16m and I am Happy Because 16m Points Enough for me to get Rank 1, this KVK I will Burn at first and then Reinforce the Wonder and Forts with single T1 Troop .(silly/)(silly/)(silly/)

Before KVK

All gathering troops in castle
Set Talent
Buy Relocates
Stop hitting monster for 12hours
Train Troops with saving speedup

After KvK starts

Put 4 hours shield
Move to enemy kingdom
Get close to level 4 tiles
Kill Lv2 & Lv3 Monsters
Relocate to Another Kingdom
Gathering gears ON
Anti-scout ON
Gathering speed for 7d need also for gf
Gathering ORE & GOLD
Solo done for the first Round.

During KVK

Capture Leaders
Trap angry big guys
Rein Base & Forte with 1 T1
Hit Tile
Talk sh!t on global chat.
@WeGamers Team @Lords Mobile

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