District Titles: Baronet (3 Positives Effect)

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Lords Mobile

Baronet title, the title with blue sword shape and 3 effect. That is army attack +10%, army def +10%, and training speed +5%. This title beside really good for war, you can use it too for boost troops (training) since it increase training speed for 5%.

I manage to borrow this title for minutes, thanks to baron management there that is really kind (grin/). Beside baron title, in the screen shot below i use another title called quartermaster (vassal titles) that increase travel speed for 15% and resource gathering speed for 10%. Actually i borrow this title yesterday morning when i join monster bus. I said just wanna borrow for 1 hours, but this title still intact with me until now (ok/). Good luck and don't let small fry block your way~

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