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Hi everyone,

Today's topic I like to share something about are the Familiars. Those were actually my first big project in HephBot and the topic keeps expanding.

Familiars are now playing a huge role in the game, both in the growth area as in the war area.
At first they only had a certain set of Skills you could unlock by leveling them through their growth stages. Recently most familiars also have the option to be awakened and unlock an Army Talent.
I will talk more about Army Talents tomorrow. Today I like to focus on their Skills.



The amount of Skills a familiar has, depends on the Rarity of the familiar.
Rarity 1 has 1 skill
Rarity 2 has 2 skills
Rarity 3, 4 and 5 have 3 skills
So yes, a max of 3 Skills per familiar.


When you summon a familiar, their first Skill or Hatchling Skill will be unlocked automatically.
To unlock a second Skill, you need to level up your familiar to the next growth stage, meaning: your familiar needs to be level 20 and you have obtained the necessary Runes to make them Adult. Once you have it Adult, the second Skill or Adult Skill unlocks.
The same for the third Skill or the Elder Skill. Your familiar needs to be level 50 and again you need the necessary Runes to level them.


Their are 3 types of Skills:
1. Permanent Skill
These Skills becoming immediately active once you unlock them and they will always be active.
2. Support Skill
Those Skills require to be activated. You will find your available Support Skills in your Turf when clicking the Familiar icon.
They have a cooldown time before you can use them again. Depending on which Skill, leveling up can lower the cooldown time and/or it can give you more items/attempts...
3. Attack Skill
This is a special kind of Skill as it can have an effect on an enemy's turf or on your own turf during battle when activated.
When clicking on a target castle, an extra familiar icon will appear (when having one of these skills unlocked ofcourse).
Attack Skills also have a cooldown time.
As you will have noticed, the Hatchling are all permanent Skills.
The Adult Sills are permanent or support skills.
The Elder Skill can be any of the 3 types.


A bit more specific about that third Elder Skill.
Some of the Support and Attack Skills require a Skillstone to activate. You can check your Spire for the details on how to merge them.


When looking closer at the full list of Skills you can possibly unlock, there's quite a lot and you can see that some boost your turf growth like the amazing Aquiris that gives STA with his support skill, and others boost war stats like Trickstar with Ranged ATK boost.

Which ones you give priority to to level up, is completely your choice. But definitely don't ignore the ones that boost your turf growth. That's my advice. They give a lot of benefits that eventually will have an influence on your war stats indirectly.

My favorite Familiar Skill?

Currently that would be Hoarder's Pay Day Skill. My first pact 4 familiar I made Elder. He's level 60 now, thanks to the Work Out Familiar event from previous week. And I have Pay Day Skill at level 7. This Skill gives me now 2 jewels every 3 days which is AWESOME! (excited/)

Hoarder and Pay Day Skill

Next pact 4 I made Elder, was Saberfang. Just because I love monster hunting (grin/) He has some great monster hunt boosts. I have his support skill unlocked which grants me hunts in a row for 15min so I can start hitting at a higher boost.

At the same time I'm working on Hell Drider. Why? Free T4 troops! And the only reason why I haven't unlocked T4 siege yet (giggle/) I am very slowly progressing towards level 50 and still need a bunch of runes to be able to make it Elder. Rarity 5 familiars take a loooong time to train.

Which one is your favorite? And are you working towards unlocking a certain skill?

Let me know in comments and show some nice stuff!

Skippy (kiss/)

With thanks to Leen-Jay for this awesome sticker!

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