Familiar Overview: Evil Weevil

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The Evil Weevil. I’m really not sure what this guy is supposed to be, but to me he resembles a beetle of some sort carrying a bundle of wheat on his back. There’s not much to this guy. He basically helps you with your food Production and provides you with extra resources. He has an Army talent that’s ok. To me he’s pretty mediocre, but nonetheless he does benefit you. Evil Weevil comes from Pact 2A and 80 runes are needed to get him to Elder stage. Let’s see what this guy brings to the table:

1. Food Hoarder: Evil Weevil will provide a Food Production boost of 35% once maxed to level 10. Not really exciting, but hey more food is more food, right?

2. Gather Round: At Level 10 Evil Weevil will provide you with a familiar support button located with all your other supports. He will generate 4 hours worth of resources which you will be able to use every 24 hours. Keep in mind, this boost is based your own resource production stats. Again, not really exciting, but more resources is always good. You need them for literally everything in this game.

Army Talent/Hearty Feast: Evil Weevil will boost your Army Max by 15% at the start of a battle. 40 orbs are needed to awaken him and you will need more orbs to max this talent.

That’s all there is with Mr. Weevil. In my opinion, I think this familiar would benefit the beginner vs. the already established players. Either way, he’s not exceptional, but he’s not bad either. Happy merging to you all, and as always grow, learn, and have fun❤️ ​@Lords Mobile ​@WeGamers Team ​@♠︎Zoe♠︎ ​@Sun ​@LM-small-player ​@Johnny Bravo ​@Renzero1 ​@✯ ♛ QûîñžêŁ ♛ ✯

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