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Kingdoms Mobile

Making WeGamers the best community for all mobile gamers has always been our ultimate goal. Thanks to our creative users, WeGamers has always been delivering best quality content to the players. What’s more exciting is that more and more games are joining with us and choosing WeGamers as their official platform. To make WeGamers even more positive and diverse for new game players, we are looking for Game Moderators for these hot games:

Lords Mobile, Clash Royale, PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, CrossFire Mobile, Castle Clash, Arena Of Valor, Conquerors, Wars Of Glory

Game Moderators will be chosen from the most active and royal WeGamers users. In this role, you will be responsible for ensuring that game community is a clean, active, and positive place for game devs and players to connect with each other.

The details of responsibilities and rewards are listed as follows.


1. Review the posts on game page
2. Remove the posts that are not related to this game
3. Highlight the posts that deliver great quality and receive high popularity
4. Pin the best posts with best quality and popularity
5. Modify the WeGamers official community rules and make your own for the game page you manage.


10,000 points per month
Your WeGamers Name will be listed at Moderators section on the Game Page

If you are interested, please sign up by sending us the following information.

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