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The higher you rank in the Colosseum, the more gems. The more gems, the more you dominate. And dominating feels good.

Learn how to plan the Colosseum for success. This all sounds a little like a TV ad for pain medicine…

We split up the guide based on the Offensive Format and the Defensive Format. For the slow folks, the offensive format is what you use to attack other players. The defensive format is for when you are away and people “try” to attack you.

And one last thing, if you see a player called Guard.2000, attack it! It’s not a trap!

Best Offensive Lineup (Free to Play Heroes)

This headline is loaded because the true answer would be: It depends. But, because you want a single answer, here you go. This lineup is the top overall strongest unit to use in common Colosseum attacks. Of course, it won’t always work and will depend on your strength and your enemies lineup. See below for a more detailed rundown.

Nonetheless, if you want one lineup that I love above all other lineups, here you go: (Note, I’ve revised my favorite lineup multiple times…)

Best Colosseum Lineup
My Top Offensive Lineup: Trickster, Prima Donna, Rose Night, Tracker, and Black Crow.

This is just my lazy lineup. Now, of course, to truly rank you can never just have a default lineup. Each offensive lineup should be determined based on the defensive lineup.

The best thing to pay attention to are the strengths of your opponent’s heroes and try and counter it. I will soon expand this article to break down which hero counters which hero.

Obviously, the strength number is going to be your friend when it comes to determining a target. To learn how to catapult your strength number, skip to Hero Might section below.

Best Defensive Format for F2P
Keep an eye on the Constellations, but this general Defensive Team is better than any other team that you can make from the free fighters. In my experience, the defensive team always has a strong advantage and so this team is almost unstoppable!

Defensive Colosseum Hero Lineup
My Favorite F2P Lineup: Trickster, Prima Donna, Rose Night, Tracker, and Black Crow.

Secondary Lineup for Colosseum Defensive
Secondary F2P Combo: Prima Donna, Rose Night, Death Night, Demon Slayer and Tracker.

To set up the Defensive Formation, navigate into the Colosseum and click the button Defensive Formation as shown in the image below!

How To Set Up Defensive Lineup Colosseum
Obviously having the heroes at level 60 with all the shards attached and powered up to gold will help them really carry the punch. These formations will also be quite intimidating even without all the characters being maxed out.

Who is Guard.2000?
Guard 2000 in Colosseum
Guard.2000 is the code name for the automated replacement fighter who takes the spot of a player who leaves the kingdom or quits. The default heroes in the Guard.2000 team look ominous and scary but they are actually very weak. Killing them is basically guaranteed unless your fighters are truly hopeless.

I always attack Guard.2000 so long as he is more than 20 spots above my position.

I always cycle through the fighters a bunch of times to check if there is a Guard.2000 before I find another player to attack.

Why is his name Guard.2000? I have no idea, but my guess is that his name is a lot better than yours. Stop judging.

How to Build up your Hero Lineup Ranking?
Colosseum Battle
Your ranking number doesn’t mean you are going to win a battle, but it is a good indication of how strong you are. The more powerful your might, the better indication that you’re doing things correctly.

There are 4 factors to Hero Lineup Might:

Overall Player Level. Your heroes can only be brought up to the hero level of your overall player level. You can increase your player level by fighting monsters, clearing stages, winning colosseum battles, and finishing as many quests as possible. Reach level 60 to max your heroes.
Trophies. This is completely underrated and I’m not sure why. The trophies and their corresponding ranks will turn your hero from being a wimp into being unstoppable. Each trophy will add so much power to your hero. Don’t stop collecting until each hero is maxed.
Hero borders. The heroes have rankings that start from Grey -> Green -> Blue -> Purple -> Gold. Please note that the colored rankings are not near as important as the trophies.
Paid Heroes. Some of the paid heroes are incredible in the Colosseum. See below for a complete rundown.
Reach Number 1 in Lords Mobile Colosseum
This is one of my favorite lineups (with Lore Weaver instead of Prima Donna). Note my #1 ranking!
Getting to the top takes work. Staying up the top is really hard. You will need to learn all the counters and pay attention to the clock. Ensure that you reclaim number 1 a few minutes before the clock restarts!

Best Paid Heroes for Colosseum
There are many great paid heroes that will help you crush your enemies in the Colosseum. I’m picking the best paid-heroes based on cost and skill.

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