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One Rav, two Rav, three Rav, four. Utilizing multiple accounts can be difficult but also very beneficial. Here are some tips to help one-another grow.
1) Hypers: you should have one for each resource or slip duties as capable. I have one timber, one stone, one ore, and one food/gold hyper; this allows them to feed each-other and concentrate gear and talents during downtime to produce the most overall. Always keep each hyper rss in a different account than the producer to keep it flowing, I recommend using your smallest account as the bank and gold hyper, this way it can stay shielded consistently, but place the gold in your strongest account (if you feel safe doing so) as it will be the least likely to be taken if shields drop.
2) different troop types: not only does diversifying your accounts primary troop and gear types help have different attacking strengths and angles, but it helps you understand what counters you and the specialization of gears and tactics, therefore understanding how to beat it.
3) Main vs alts: Your main should and will often be your strongest account, alts can benefit from this and support it as well. This should be your primary attacker and rally leader options personally, but the alts allow you to yes out trapping and varying strategies of defense and offense.
4) Shields and Anti in unison, it is an absolute nightmare to have several accounts on different schedules, it's best to have a convenient time to reset shields or anti-scout with a few minutes between each to maintain accounts before changes and repeating.
5) multiple guilds: This is a difficult caveat but can help focus on the individual accounts needs. While this can harm the hyper grouping, it is not feasible to have small alts in a war guild, but allows you as the player to learn a lot using your main. Smaller accounts benefit from a good faming guild where they can target dead kingdoms for gathering, monster hunting and easy wins in events.

Just some quick tips that I hope help out your growth! @WeGamers Team @Lords Mobile

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