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Moon Festival

Have you ever tried Luna cakes? If you have not done it, do not worry. You can try them in Survival during the event. Don't worry, it's just a cosmetic change, they still work just like power cubes. Keep up with the store for special offers.

No unexpected balance change, no surprises in the style of play, just a visual change. That proposes the Moon Festival (Lunar Festival) of Brawl Stars , a tribute to the representative Asian party that is reflected in the new Survival boxes, unchanged in game.

The Mid-Autumn Festival, as it is also called, centers these days the new visual panorama of Brawl Stars , a holiday that fits on the fifteenth day of the eighth month in the Han calendar that coincides with the full moon, the symbol in the game.

With a small remodeling and that remains in the Survival boxes, this Lunar Festival is nothing more than a twist to catch many in which Supercell takes advantage of the event to adapt it to a new offer in the store, 10.99 euros in exchange 100 gems, 2,000 gold and 2 mega boxes , a good reward for anyone who forgets about Free-To-Win

With several days ahead in this Lunar Festival, there are many who wonder if there will be any extra surprise in the form of skin , but it seems that the tribute remains in the visual aspect of the boxes in Survival mode to change the usual brown to dark blue with bow and a moon representing the Moon Festival.

In fact, the change is so slight that there are already visual proposals to give a more pleasant touch to the games in ShowDown, a nod to the full moon in which only the characters and the boxes are illuminated, a fan creation that hardly reaches good port.

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