Ranked game tips (Free Fire)


Free Fire

1. Always land at a safe spot
• Landing in a popular spot makes chances of survival minimum
• Landing at a less popular spot like- Cape Town, Rim Nam Village, and Outpost give you a greater chance of survival
2. Always focus on nearby sounds
• Use a good pair of earbuds/earphones to help detect nearby enemies
• So always try to use earbuds/earphones in ranked games
3. Use a gun that is best according to the situation
• Like the M4A1 which is a long ranged gun or the M1014 which is a shot ranged shotgun
- The M4A1 has high accuracy
- The M1014 is highly effective and is known for it’s damage
4. Shoot to kill
• Don’t engage if you don’t have a clear shot it will just reveal your location
• Shoot only if you have a silencer and if you’re sure you can kill them
5. Have patience
• Don’t chase your enemies every single time
• Sometimes games need patience to win so try not to be ashamed of camping sometimes
• Always play wisely and wait for your enemies to come near you
6. Take cover in open fields
• Always try to stay near an object when you’re out in the open
• So stay near things like- rocks, trees, or just place a wall if you have one
• This always gives you an advantage to heal with medkits without getting shot
7. Always walk sideways from the shrinking zone
• So that you can’t get shot by people in the shrinking zone and you can easily watch for enemies
8. Use grenades
• Treat grenades like your best friend
• Throw a grenade in a building if you hear movement
• I guarantee you It will give positive results most of the time
9. Avoid looting toward the end of the match
• Looting near the end of the match can be very dangerous only do it if you really need to
• Don’t ever go toward the airdrops near the end of the match because most of everyone is focused on them
10. Always pay attention to the mini map
• The mini map gives you the location of enemies when they are nearby
11. Confidence
• Confidence is key in this sort of games
• Don’t get nervous when you’re facing an enemy
• Don’t care if people call you a noob prove them wrong and whoop their butt
• Always remember confidence gives better control
​@WeGamers Team

These are all the tips that I can give you about ranked games. Thank you to all who support me I love you all.

Happy girl ♥️

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