F2p account all zeroed with a mil t3-t4 reds. RIP


Lords Mobile

Today was a bad day. One of my enemy guild caught me offgaurd and finished off within 2 -3hits per account and it hurt really bad . I was trying to switch account to shield but by the time I got on it was zeroed and I shielded on all acc after the leader got capped. One thing that made me extremely mad is the PURCHASE Prompt. I was having a panick attack to shield and fast as possible but that annoying purchase popup screen delayed me . I'm so mad at it. But also kudos to the guy being so dedicated to keeping watch on me and my rest times. Rip time to cry tears of blood. It might not be big deal for others but for f2p it is. And I did lose whatever t4 I had as meatshields filled Infirms. Well it is what it is. So sck it up *** happens. (cry/) ##LordsMobile# @WeGamers Team

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