New diamond royale item

Surbhi J.

Free Fire

Hey guys new diamond royale item is come name light eagle opposite gender of the previous diamond item (giggle/)(snicker/). Female bundle of this eagle warrior is available (smile/)(party/)(ok/)(hug/).
1 spin for 79 diamonds you know already (giggle/)(snicker/)
10 spin for 790 diamonds (frown/)(angry/) if you like this bundle then spin for it (jump/). I don't like this bundle (silly/)(giggle/)(snicker/).

Ready to spin(hug/)(jump/) #Diamond royal Free fire#

@¥¶F Màsùdúl?J Ƕ¥ @A̶̶l̶̶a̶̶n̶ ᎪᏞϴΝᎬ ᏔᎪᏞᏦᎬᎡ @Shadow Artist? @PiKAChu @Poe @Momo*YT @WeGamers Team @PRomeo;) @Ꭰᴬཞk͓̽۵լ⊙ཞᎠ @Sarah @[$$parth$$]✓® @VoidError Ninja

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