Just A Imagination and own thought for a Hero!!

♔Piyush Xavier♔

Lords Mobile

Just a idea came in my mind about a new hero which will look like a Super Saiyan 3 from Dragon Ball not same moves same skills but same look of cloths hair everything!
And give boosts like:-
✔Army attack Boost
✔Army HP Boost
✔Infantry Boost

And Ofcourse this isn't gonna be a F2P hero imagination cause IGG always create P2P heroes(Sorry to all F2P for a P2P imagination(cat/))

As a fan of Dragon Ball i would like to see any infantry type hero which will look like SSJ3 that gonna be more fun to see hero like this who else Dragon Ball fan would like to see any hero like this in game?(devil/)#Lords Mobile Comunity##Dragon Ball##LM Hero#@WeGamers Team

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