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Dear players : Please pay attention ! Welcome to World Conqueror 4 WeGamers community ! Our community needs all your support ! Now, Easytech has hosted an event : In order to keep the community active ,we invite players to creat posts activly .We will calculate the number of likes in the posts. Easytech's official posts are not counted ! At the end of the event, we will count the top five posts with the highest number of likes, and we will give medals to these authors! The event will last for two weeks: From the 4th of September to the 18th of September. Welcome everyone to post in the community! Don't forget to inform your friends to participate in the event too !The rewards of the event : First place: 10000 medals Second place: 8000 medals Third place: 6000 medals Fourth place: 4000 medals Fifth place: 3000 medals

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